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advanced junior
hair artist

A naturally born creative and outgoing person, Serayla entered the industry in November 2020.

Serayla became runner-up for ABA CANADA FINALIST in May 2021. She has even worked besides Orla as a backstage stylist for Vancouver Fashion Week 2021. 

Eager to learn and grow quickly, she quickly became one to watch. Working and learning right beside Joe + Orla as her mentors. She has a strong eye for detail and is able to achieve a wide range of looks catering everyone's needs. Grasping knowledge from both educators has allowed her to excel quickly.


Serayla believes in beautiful, healthy hair and this passion is shown through her lifestyle. 

Her portfolio bursts with rooted blondes, rich dimensional brunettes, textured hair, and her vivids. She is cementing herself as an up and coming industry leader + artist.


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